More flexibility. More freedom. More creativity. More Money.


Your life is being sucked out from you by your job.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Just because you want to start a solo business does not mean you have to build it alone.


do Work
you LOVE!

Being your own boss and choosing your VA clients means you control what type of work and tasks you do - this means you get to do the type of work that YOU love! Sounds small but when it comes to happiness and fulfillment, it's a game changer.

physical health, Mental Health & Neurodivergence

Mental health struggles and having neurodivergent traits makes traditional employment in a “regular” job basically impossible. Being in control of your schedule and workload makes managing your health and your life much easier.

yourself First

Having your own business allows you to put yourself first and work in a way that suits your life/family/health/mental health needs. This is amazing on a day-to-day basis but has also allowed me to heal on a deeper level (there's still a lot of work to do there but that's cool!) - imagine what it can do for you!

Maternity + Parental Duties

Running your own business means you get to actually spend time with your new baby instead of rushing "back to work" - I was able to work literally within a few hours of having Ella BUT it was on my terms. You get to pick and choose when to work and when to spend time with the family so it’s truly the best of both worlds!

The Best

There aren’t a lot of jobs where you get to pick your own coworkers 😉 but being a VA is one of them!
I've made incredible friends in clients and just generally being in the online world. PLUS I get to hang out with partner, doggo and amazing team (virtually) all day every day!


You will learn SO MUCH from being inside other people's businesses which will help you to grow your business(es)! It’s basically an online biz MBA except you get paid instead of going into student debt.
I honestly wouldn't be where I am today without everything I've learned from my incredible clients!

If any of these sound like great reasons to become a VA to you, I’d love to help you!

Let’s connect the dots between what you see is possible online and your real life


This course doesn’t just teach you how to set up a VA business, it’s about showing you how to be THE BEST VA you can be.

Is it time to Launch Your Kick-Ass VA Business?

Here’s what I’ll help you with:

I don’t want to just teach you how to set up a VA business, there are hundreds of courses about that.

I want to teach you to be THE BEST VA you can be - and how to become known and trusted and serve your clients really fucking well.

Here’s what’s included in Launch Your Kick-Ass VA Business:

note: access to the course materials will be granted on 11th April 2022

MODULE 1: Intro to being a va

In Module 1 we will explore what a VA is and reasons to start a VA biz, uncover your "Why" and draw up your dream day, week and month.

MODULE 2: Business foundations

Let's make sure your business is set up the right way from day one! In this module we'll be covering the basics of setting up a business and working for yourself.

MODULE 3: Discovering your skills

We all possess skills that can be used to start our VA business right now. In Module 3 we'll uncover those skills and put together a list of our key services.

Module 4: Pricing and packages

This is the big one! By the end of this module you'll have your packages set out AND be charging "properly" for them! No more undercharging!

MODULE 5: Branding your biz

Before you introduce your business to the world, you need to create some sort of brand...In Module 5 we're talking all things branding!

module 6: Your tech stack

Ever wondered what tech you need to run a VA business? Wonder no more! In this module we'll be exploring all of the tools you need to get started.

module 7: Online presence and launching!!!

Module 7 is all about creating your website and establishing an online presence through social media before announcing your new business to the world!

module 8: finding clients

Now that you have your services and pricing nailed, and your website set up it's time to start finding clients. This module also covers the pitching process.

module 9: client onboarding

The client said "YES!" but now what happens? Module 9 dives into the client onboarding process to ensure you have everything in place to start working with your new clients.

module 10: managing clients, projects and time

Module 10 is all about managing your business on an ongoing basis to ensure that you keep your clients happy, stay on top of projects and avoid burnout!

module 11: marketing your biz

No one will know about your VA biz if you don't share it with the world. This module will help you create a marketing plan to help you promo your business every single week.

module 12: the awkward stuff

In this final module we're covering the things that can feel a bit awkward (but shouldn't) - raising your rates, firing clients, unpaid invoices, making mistakes and more!

did someone say bonuses?


Not everyone is able to go all-in on their VA Biz from day one (I know I couldn't!) so I've added this bonus module to help you start your biz in your spare time and make that transition when the time comes.

template library

Whilst the essentials are included in the course, I've created a whole library of templates that you might need as a VA - from pitching templates to pricing guides and rate increase email to offboarding checklists, I've got you covered!


Testimonials for my 1:1 coaching and free challenge

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I'm a VA, DBM/OBM and self-confessed systems nerd!

I've been a VA for over 8 years, worked with 70+ clients, retired my partner from his job, had a baby, and scaled to $10k months.

Being a virtual assistant has been truly life-changing for me and over the years I’ve shown some of my friends how to become a virtual assistant too, like a blogger who added VA services to her income and was able to quit her job and become a VA full time.

Over the years I’ve also taken loads of courses to help me along my VA journey. In my experience most just do “enough”. You’ll get the basics to get you started.

What they don’t do is give you the details you need to thrive. But I will.

Here’s everything that’s included in Launch Your Kick-Ass VA Business



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